Geo-thermal heating

Another option of heating your swimming pool is by using geo-thermal heating. Geo-thermnal heating uses heat from the earth to warm your pool water. Just like a conventional gas pool heater, a geothermal pool heater can heat water quickly to a specified temperature year round, but may be 80-90% more efficient than conventional gas heaters. Heat is collected from Earth’s surface, lake or pond, then it is concentrated with a heat pump and used to heat the pool.

Why Feature Pools?

Swimming Pool with Spa

Being a family business, we are always involved in the entire construction process, from quoting to constructing your pool, to handover. Clients are assured of a personalised experience when dealing with us, we are your first point of call for any queries or questions you may have, large or small.

Custom Concrete Pools

Swimming Pool

Whether it’s a small or large concrete pool or spa, or even an underground water tank you’re after, we can provide the costs an options required to tailor to your project, design and budget requirements.

Paramount PCC Infloor Cleaning

Infinity Pool

Feature Pools are proud to be a licensed installer of the PCC2000 infloor cleaning and circulation system. The system keeps your pool clean and healthy with a virtually invisible, automatic dirt and debris removal system designed specifically for each individual pool or spa.