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Choosing The Best Tiles For Your Pool

Taking the plunge and building or refurbishing your pool? We bet you’ve been scouring the internet for information on choosing the best tiles for your pool. Search no more, we’ve got you!

In this ultimate guide to swimming pool tiles, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make choosing pool tiles easy. From what part of the pool needs to be tiled, tile materials, to colours and maintenance. With this ultimate guide to swimming pool tiles we’re confident you’ll be able to create the pool of your dreams.

Choosing where to tile

Depending on your budget and the design you have in mind, you can choose to tile just some areas of your pool, or everything!

Fully tiled pool: For a truly luxurious pool finish, you can’t go past fully tiled pools. Most fully tiled pools are tiled with small mosaic tiles which look superb, are easy to maintain and are smooth to the touch.

Waterline border tiles: Waterline border tiles are placed just along the top of the pool wall at the water level. Some people will choose feature tiles at the waterline and a quartz finish below the waterline.

Feature tiles: You can also make a feature of a wall, spa area or even the pool steps with accent tiles, such as different coloured or patterned tiles.

Pool surround: Coping tiles are used around the top edge of your pool and extend out above the water. They can be the same look and material as the pavers around the pool, or used as feature tiles with different surround pavers, decking or grassy area.

What kind of tile is best for pools?

Selecting the right material for your pool tiles is an important decision and can transform your pool from ‘meh’ to magnificent! Pool tiles are designed to withstand bright sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, water (obviously) and pool sanitising chemicals and systems. Each type of tile will offer unique characteristics that’ll help to create your fun-filled family hangout, tropical lagoon or luxury retreat.

Ceramic pool tiles: Ceramic pool tiles come in wide range of colours, textures, and designs. They’re budget-friendly and long-lasting with only moderate maintenance required. Feature Pools works with a variety of tile suppliers such as The Pool Tile Company and Klay Tiles as they have the best range of quality ceramic pool tiles in Australia.

Porcelain pool tiles: Porcelain pool tiles are like the tough big brother of ceramic tiles. They’re less porous than ceramic tiles so are very durable. And they come in a wonderful array of styles, including textured and patterned designs.

Glass pool tiles: Glass pool tiles are made in stunning vibrant colours and create a wonderful glossy, shimmering look in pools. They’re resistant to fading and discolouration, making them very low-maintenance and are a popular choice for modern pools. We recommend Bisazza Italian glass tiles for their high quality and longevity.

Natural stone pool tiles: Stone pool tiles are also very durable and come in a range of gorgeous materials with varying colours and textures such as travertine, granite, limestone, and sandstone. They’re the number one choice for that luxe Mediterranean look.

Selecting the perfect pool tile colour

Once you’ve picked which pool tile material you prefer, it’s time to consider what colour tiles you’d like for your pool. The Feature Pools teams will provide samples to help you decide which look you’d prefer. And there’s lots of gorgeous examples to take inspiration from on our Projects page. In the meantime, here are some pointers to help you select the perfect pool colour.

Neutral pool tile colours: Neutral tones like beige, grey, or white give a sophisticated, timeless look. These pale colours look great in all pool designs and often make pools appear bigger with a natural beautiful sky-blue water.

Blue pool tiles: The classic choice for pool tiles, blue creates a refreshing and inviting look. Choose from a wide range of blue shades from light aqua to deep navy.

Gorgeous green pool tiles: Take inspiration from stunning Moroccan Riads with green tiles like turquoise or minty green, or make a statement with a luscious dark green tile.

Dark colour pool tiles: Deep blues and blacks give pools the appearance of great depth and look particularly spectacular when lit up at night-time.

Gradient effect pool tiles: Create a stunning feature pool using a gradient effect with a gradual transition from a lighter colour to darker, or even one colour to another.

Mosaic pool tile patterns: Mosaic tiles are a creative way to add interest to your pool. You can even create unique patterns for a dramatic look.

Looking after pool tiles

To keep your pool tiles looking their best for many, many years, it’s important to consider their maintenance requirements. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the best tiles for your pool:

Durability: If your pool is potentially going to be exposed to harsh weather conditions, it’s a good idea to choose tiles that are known for their longevity. Although porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles are very durable, glass tiles are non-porous and considered the most hard-wearing.

Maintenance: Choosing tiles that are easy to clean will ensure you spend more time enjoying the pool than cleaning it. Glass, ceramic and porcelain are very easy to wipe down and keep free from algae or grime. And all quality pool tiles should be resistant to water treatment chemicals such as chlorine and salt, even if you’re choosing an alternative pool sanitation system.

Safety: Choosing quality pool tiles with professional installation will prevent breakage and deterioration of the tiles. And in high-traffic areas around the pool, it’s best to choose tiles with a textured surface which are less slippery.

We hope we’ve helped you choose the best tiles for your pool with this ultimate guide to swimming pool tiles. If you’re ready to start building your dream pool, give us a call and we can start making those dreams come true.

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