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Garry’s legacy: the history of Feature Pools

Feature Pools was founded over 35 years ago in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula. Over the years, the service offering has evolved to pool design and construction, maintenance and servicing, pool covers, pool heating and pool automation. But it all began with a purpose of client fulfilment and good-natured connections.

Garry Aitken started Feature Pools with business partner Colin Hawkins in 1983. With backgrounds in sales and building, together they struck the perfect balance between client relations and high-quality construction that, inevitably, saw Feature Pools quickly become a successful local business.

Garry’s passion and specialty was looking after Feature Pools’ clients. Right from the beginning, Garry placed a high importance on being personable, helpful and caring. So much so that in its first several years of operation, all Feature Pools projects were attained through either word of mouth or referral. Garry’s ability to build rapport with people gave Feature Pools a reputation in the industry as a loyal and trustworthy business – something that remains to this day, over 35 years later.

Sometime after starting the business, Garry took over management and recruited his son, Ryan, to join him. Amongst all the different things Ryan learnt from his dad, building relationships and treating people with courtesy were the most significant, and they stuck. When it came time for Garry to retire, the business was left to Ryan who has been heavily involved in every single Feature Pools project.

“We will always maintain dad’s qualities in our business, continuing what he created and left me. I make sure I’m involved each step of the way to create lasting relationships with our clients” says Ryan.

Garry retired not due to lack of ambition, but because of his health – he became very ill and after a long and difficult battle, Garry passed away. Ryan knows his dad would be proud of the Feature Pools business today and honored that his ethics are instilled in operations of the business – clients are the number one priority. Feature Pools’ values are reliability, expertise, attractiveness, and longevity. Reliability for its clients, expertise in pool construction and maintenance, attractiveness in pool and spa design and longevity with high-quality workmanship. Garry formed these values along the journey in the way he built the business.

Now servicing inner-Melbourne and the Eastern suburbs on top of the Mornington Peninsula, with over 7 employees, Feature Pools has grown but its roots remain. Garry will continue to be a driving force behind the business for its entirety.


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